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Loving Memories...

Bennigan aka "Ben" Sir Thomas Douglas, Earl of Selkirk
aka Bennigan or "Ben"
born August 17, 1993
died October 28, 2006

For thirteen years we were observed protectively through his lively brown eyes, his unique doggie jig performed for a taste of our dinner...always his loyal companionship will be missed.

Hammerstein, Love Bird
born September 2001
died November 2006

Raised him since hatching from an egg…he would rise at 4am to chirp everyone awake... forever scattering seeds for that choice morsel…and singing with the themes of numerous television shows.

Alexander the Great, Alex - Black Labrador
Alexander the Great - "Alex"
born November 2002
died October 17, 2007

His unwavering loyalty, constant joy and innate understanding. Though his parting was sudden, but peaceful.

Animal lovers - that describes us. Since marrying my husband in 1992, we have been owned by:

  • 2 boa constrictors

  • 5 cats

  • 1 sting ray

  • 4 chameleons

  • 2 iguanas

  • 2 turtle

  • 1 American alligator

  • 6 lovebirds

  • 4 doves

  • a variety of fish.

They all died of natural causes or placed into happy homes, except for the alligator. I believe, and strongly too, Chomper was viciously abducted by a Lake Michigan Sand crane, while sunning in his kiddie pool. I can't prove it as he/she left no foot or finger prints or any other tangible evidence.

Still, they - the cranes - continue to visit close to the house since. I see their knowledge of that fateful day in their eyes, laughing, aware that no one will believe what I suspect.