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Charles Dumire family

Rhinehart I J Dumire
Birth: 1765, Hanover, Germany
Death:  April 1831, Tucker Co., VA
Marriage: 1796, Germany

Wife: Louisa Combs
Birth: 1781, Germany
Death: 1840, Virginia

Children in birth order:

John Dumire
Birth: 1797, Germany
Death: 1863, Tucker Co., WV
Wife: Elizabeth Kalar
Marriage: 1817, Randolph Co., WV
Wife: Jemima S Burns
Marriage: 1 March 1858, Tucker Co., WV

Sarah E Dumire
Birth: aft 1797, Germany

Rhinehart II J Dumire
Birth: 1800, Preston Co., VA
Death: 1875
Wife: Catherine Losh
Marriage: 1825, Tucker Co., WV

Elizabeth Dumire
Birth: 1800, Preston Co.

David Kaylor L Dumire
Birth: 1803, Monongalia Co., Virginia
Death: 12 January 1867
Wife: Susan Unknown Dumire
Marriage: abt 1830, Monongalia Co., WV
Wife: Hannah Robinson
Marriage: 1832, Monongalia Co., WV
Wife: Sarah Ann "Sally" Lipscomb
Marriage: 8 July 1860, Tucker Co., WV

Daniel J Dumire*
Birth: 1803, Preston Co.
Wife: Mrs Unknown Daniel J Dumire
Marriage: 1823, Virginia

Frederick Dumire
Birth: 12 March 1806, Leadmine, Tucker Co., VA
Death: 25 March 1888, Leadmine, Tucker Co., WV
Wife: Mary Ann Loughry
Marriage: 1829, Leadmine, Tucker Co., WV

Charles Dumire
Birth: 1810, VA
Death: bef 1869, West Virginia
Wife: Ruth E Loughry
Marriage: 12 November 1835, Randolph Co.

Charles Dumire
Birth: 1810, Virginia
Death:  bef 1869, VA

Wife: Ruth E Loughry
Birth: 15 June 1811, VA
Death:  22 October 1891, Tucker Co., VA
Marriage: 12 November 1835, Randolph Co., VA
Father: William Loughry
Mother: Margaret Johnson
Other Husband:  Levi S Sr Lipscomb (4 Feb 1798 - 3 Jul 1878)
Other Husband:  Ephriam H James (10 Jul 1818 - 12 Mar 1896)

Children in birth order:

Louisa Jane Dumire
Birth: 1832, Limestone Ridge, Randolph Co., VA
Death:  24 November 1857, Head of Panther Run, Tucker Co., VA

Nancy N Dumire
Birth: 1833, Randolph Co., VA
Husband: Paul Bohon
Marriage: 19 September 1861, Tucker Co., VA

Delia Ann Dumire
Birth: 1837, Randolph Co., VA
Death:  23 August 1867, Tucker Co., WV
Husband: Mathias Bohon
Marriage: 23 September 1860, Tucker Co., VA

William J Dumire
Birth: 1840, Licking District, Tucker Co., VA
Death:  20 April 1889, St George, Tucker Co., WV
Wife: Rebecca Pifer
Marriage: 4 May 1862, Tucker Co., VA
Wife: Mary S Hebb
Marriage: 1875, Tucker Co., WV

Charles K Dumire
Birth: 1846, Tucker Co., VA
Death:  8 March 1857, Wild Cat Ridge, Tucker Co., VA

Mary E Dumire
Birth: 1849, Tucker Co., VA
Death:  18 March 1864, Old Andrew, Tucker Co., VA

Malissa Ellen Dumire
Birth: 10 May 1857, Wild Cat Ridge, Tucker Co., VA  



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